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                    NCPC Huaheng's environmental protection investment is about 120 million Yuan, accounting for 22% of thetotal investment of the three major projects. Among them, the Environmental Protection center invested more than99 million Yuan, and the sewage treatment capacity is 8,000 tons per day. Through technological innovation, theprimary anaerobic secondary A/O +ozone catalytic oxidation "sewage treatment process and the wastewaterin-depth treatment system have been adopted to achieve all wastewater compliance and discharge standardsand the discharge water quality is far lower than the park wastewater reception standard. Two exhaust gastreatment systems are arranged to achieve the full collection and disposal of atmospheric pollutants during watertreatment. The use of imported air suspension fans to minimize energy consumption. A comprehensive utilizationsystem of biogas will reuse the resources in the process of pollution control to achieve green manufacturing andsmart manufacturing. We will draw on scientific ideas, improve control capabilities, uses,PDCA and otherscientific management methods to upgrade on-site management, improve the control ability of the entire processof pollutants, realize the vision of environmental protection, and improve the EHS management system in thehigh-end market, and enhance market competitiveness.


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